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History of Bassix…


Bassix (makers of electric upright basses and semi acoustic upright basses)
was established by Alan Hatswell in 1998 and to date has produced approximately 300 instruments (some in self assembly form)
After a short period of inactivity due to health problems Alan is back with a new model travel double bass.
Development and tool making is now complete and production is underway!

About the new model…


This bass is an abbreviated body 3/4 scale acoustic double bass (Bassix piezo pickups optionl) under 5ft (1.5 meters) long to keep within most airline limits and is made from modern composites with emphasis on carbon fibre.

Bassix have used these resilient materials for many years with unprecedented success .

The Original Composite Style Bass will be from £1500

The latest Wooden Version Bass from under £2000


Feel free to contact Alan by phone up to 9pm any day for specific information.

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